With COVID-19 causing us to reschedule our face-to-face networking conferences in 2020, we decided we needed to find a virtual solution to continue our important mandate of fostering equitable partnerships, joint-ventures and supplier opportunities between Canada’s Aboriginal business groups and private sector companies. We’re confident we’ve created a great solution. Welcome to our amazing Virtual Aboriginal Marketplace! Geoff Greenwell, CEO – 2G Group & Aboriginal Marketplace

Some Key Features of the Platform:

  • The platform is always open – 365/24/7
  • Using our innovative app, contact any of the 10,000 marketplace members with just one click
  • Live chat, either one-on-one, or connect with larger groups instantly
  • Watch informative presentations, videos and webinars at your convenience
  • Massive exposure opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors
  • Incredibly cost-effective way for exhibitors to market their products
  • Huge cost and time savings over having to travel to conferences
  • Download information from exhibitors into your “virtual delegate bag”
  • Send RFPs and EOIs to thousands of interested parties
  • The ability to do business from the safety of your home or office
  • Opportunities for sponsors & exhibitors to have your video presentations shown in the auditorium

All of the presentations and business pitches from our scheduled 2022 events will be uploaded to the virtual auditorium.